2017, newspaper ads on canvas, luminous paint, neon lights

150cm x 120cm , 60 x 48 inch


  • Description: The definition of inheritance is the transfer of materials, tangible or otherwise, to other counterparts. It is inevitable that the process of an inheritance may generate other issues, thus diverting it towards a more extensive phenomenon. As a young adult with dual citizenships, I have faced many challenges with regards to my parents’ expectations within the spectrum of education and nationality. All the questions and thoughts are concealed within the gesture of writing in luminous paint. The contrast in education systems and parents’ expectations compels me to reconsider my identity – what is my origin and what will I bring with me into my future?
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  • The work comes with neon light tubes and the installation of the neon lights. The installation fee is excluded.



  • exhibited at Gajah Gallery group exhibition, "The New Now"
  • featured by Hongkong's Ocula art news and website
  • featured by Culture Push in Singapore
  • exhibited at Shuan Gallery, "一室一件" Singapore
  • featured by Altiba9 Contemporary Art Magazine Issue #1, Barcelona, Spain

untitled, 望子成龍

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