2017, oil and gold paint on canvas

150cm x 150cm in diameter, 60inch


  • Description: Benedict has won the Dr. Winston Oh Travelling Award in Lasalle College of the Arts. The college has sponsored his trip to Lhasa, Tibet for his self proposal in his individual research. The artist is deeply fascinated by not only the culture of the Tibetans, but the obtainment of the incredible power that was inspired from their religion. He has learned Tibetans, mandala, Tibetan music, singing, and various related disciplines in order to create this circular mandala. ​

  • The artist has “finally came to peace with himself and had a conversation with himself” during this trip to Tibet. Based on the Eastern philosophy, Benedict believes in how our souls are able to communicate and exchange the energy between us to the heavens and the earth. Especially Tibetans, living in the closest city to the sky, Lhasa, sing songs to praise the nature and the heavens. The artist is very moved by the power of their music and their sincerity for their love to the indescribable power. Benedict has lived with the monks, the Tibetan community, and entered some of the most restricted areas to document his experiences in Tibet.

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  • exhibited for Lasalle Winston Oh Travel Award exhibition, "Wonderlust" 2017

The Conversation Between the Heavens and the Earth

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