2018, oil on canvas

120cm x 90cm, 48 x 36inch


  • Description: When I was serving army, I started to look back at my hometown. I realised a lot of things are deceived by the mass media and the government.

  • Here I used a traditional composition of an aboriginal story illustration. There are three main colours that represent Taiwan: Taiwan green, Taiwan gold, and Taiwan red, each of them represent the formation of Taiwan. The Taiwan red is the sun, which is represented by the bubble gum that will burst soon. This is my imagery of the political instability and economy that one day it will burst. The green clouds represent the Chinese historical and political influence that the Taiwanese still couldn’t step away from. The gold represents the mountains that were influenced by the Japanese culture. Taiwanese couldn’t get away from the shadow of the Japanese colonisation. We carry the unquestionable hierarchy and a toxic devotion we have toward certain frameworks in life. The sun and the moon represent the aboriginal guidance from their astrological studies and mythology. Their hometowns are in the mountains and their contribution to Taiwan’s agriculture are crucial. They are like the shining stars that dwell in the mountains, away from the cities that guide the people when they are lost in lives.

  • Taiwan is a very interesting country, but if we continue to rely on a political sun that is like a bubble gum, it will collapse one day. If we look back at the ancestries and the aboriginal’s teachings who have been staying on this island long before the colonisation, we will realised this sun that they see is a lot more reliable.

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My Hometown is a Fairyland

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