Missing Home Series No.1-7 (upper part)

2019, luminous paint on newspaper collage, stretched on canvas

size: 40cm x 50cm, 15.7 x 19.7inch

Missing Home Series No.8-13 (lower part)

size:40cm x 80cm, 15.7 x 31.5inch

*Missing Home Series No.14 "鄉" has been sold

  • The work consists of 14 luminous paintings.
  • The entire poem of this work is from the Chinese poet, Liu Zong Yuan during 773-819 AD. The full Chinese phrase for this 14 words is, "若為化得身千億, 散上峰頭望故鄉." The meaning of the poem says, "If I could be disperse into millions of pieces, I wish I could fly to the tips of the mountain and view over my hometown." This shows how homesick the poet is, when he was in a foreign land.
  • The collection comes with the luminous light and the installation at your home. Fee may apply.
  • Packaging and Delivery Fee is excluded. Fee will apply on top of the purchased price.
  • The price of each individual canvas is NT$17000

Missing Home Series No.1-14

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