oil on canvas

180cm x 135cm, 71 x 53inch


  • Work description taken from artist's diary: "I miss Taiwan greatly, and I believe everyone who is working, studying, or travelling overseas will miss your hometown too. How I wish I could finish my army service here in Singapore and teleport back to my home. I miss the stinky tofu, the boba oolong milk tea L size 25% sugar and less ice downstairs of my house. I miss the minced pork rice, the fried oyster, and the egg roll breakfast along the Zi Ping Road & Shui Nan Road. You can't find that authentic taste in any other place but Taiwan. It seems like, this home that I used to know, has changed dramatically over the past two years. It became an island that I can't recognise - twisted, strained with political uncertainty and social illusion. The scary part of returning home is 'when you can't recognise your own home'. That is the realisation of our emotional expectation."

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  • exhibited at Singapore, SPRMRKT, "Are You Coming Home?"
  • currently exhibited at fashion concept store, Live Voltage

Homesick 思鄉愁

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