2019, acrylic on printed 4D Cinema work

84cm x 50.8cm, 33 x 20inch


  • This work consists of the writings from the news report on the soldiers that commited suicide due to multi-nationality crisis. It represents the idea of how the souls have been through pain and reincarnated into a new life and descend to the new world. This work is originated from "Conversation of Heavens and Earth" 2017 Tibetan mandala, created by 4D Cinema.
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  • The work comes with the wooden frame.



  • exhibited at Flag Ginza Gallery, "When You Fall Asleep On That One Beautiful Afternoon, We Shall Meet Again"
  • exhibited at Senso Art Gallery, "He Serves the Army Twice"
  • exhibited at Singapore, SPRMRKT, "Are You Coming Home?"


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