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Upcoming Exhibition: @WORDS LIVE HOUSE JAN 4TH 2020

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

大小朋友們!! 請把你們的時間空出來! 我1/4 (SAT. JAN 4TH) 晚上7:00 在WORDS LIVE 多功能展演空間的 B1 有藝術美學講堂活動! 來看我現場畫畫+欣賞畫展+喝杯飲料和我聊聊 :) 歡迎大家來參加! 記得請追蹤我 IG @benyouyouart

地點: 台中市南區忠明南路478號B1 Taichung, Taiwan

Hey everyone!! Mark your calendars! I'm having a special art sharing session at WORDS LIVE HOUSE on JAN 4TH 2020 at 7pm! I'll be creating art right in front of your eyes and exhibiting some of my most famous artworks! Bring a friend and see you there!

歡迎線上購票囉!Easy steps to purchase tickets for my upcoming event on 1/4!

Step 1: FB Event下方點入「售票中」

OR click https://www.accupass.com/event/1911290527278662067150


Step 2: 點入 右下藍色按鍵「即將發售」 Step 3: 請選擇票種!

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