"The Omega Point of Deconstructed Identities"

This is the actual video projection that was taken at Flag Ginza Gallery, Tokyo for our collaboration project with Thomas Collet and Joshua Ow Yong. Take a min to watch how the glitch works with the projection.

"The Omega Point of Deconstructed Identities" 2019 Loop of 8-second glitch video. "オメガポイント - 分解されたアイデンティテ"

---------- Thomas Collet breaks videos into pieces of art using glitch. He is the visual glitch artist of Ariana Grande's song "Imagine" https://www.instagram.com/chepertomz/

Joshua Ow Yong is a filmaker. He is part of the production team for "Crazy Rich Asian" movie. https://www.joshuaowyong.com/

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