• Sarah Tu

Special Visit to Morrison Academy Art Class

Thankful that I had the opportunity to go back to my Morrison art class and share about my art, research, God's importance in my life, and what it means to be an artist in the real world. I saw talent and potential in these students and I hope some of them continue to pursue art, knowing that their artistic styles and expressions are unique and that their art will have their own group of admirers. Of course there will be difficulties and challenges ahead in life, but I believe if you really love what you do then every effort is worthwhile in the end. I realized that a lot of my art reflected my experience serving in the army and how art became a kind of therapy to me. Art pulled me out of depression and many of the difficult times I faced in my life.

I really enjoyed reminiscing and sharing with my art teacher Mr. Schirmer, who helped me curate by first solo exhibition at Morrison and has had such an impact on me as a young artist. I've always wanted to be able to give back to Morrison, a school that has blessed me and holds dear to my heart.

很開心有機會回到我的馬禮遜藝術課,分享我的藝術,研究,上帝在我生活中的重要性以及成為現實世界中藝術家的意義。我看到了這些學生的才華和潛力,我希望他們當中有些人會繼續追求藝術, 儘管藝術這條路會遇到種種困難與波折, 因為每個人的藝術風格和表達方式是獨一無二的,他們的藝術將有自己的仰慕者。當然,生活中會有很多困難和挑戰,但是我相信,如果一個人真的喜歡自己所做的一切,那麼最後一切的努力都是值得的。我意識到我很多藝術作品都反映我當兵的經歷, 我開始發現藝術療法。藝術使我擺脫了沮喪,擺脫了我一生中遇到的許多困難時期。

我很高興與我的美術老師Schirmer 回顧童年記憶的和分享我的經驗,我首次個展是老師幫助我一起進行策展,對我作為一名年輕藝術家影響很大, 我很開心能夠回饋給我所愛的學校和老師。