• Sarah Tu

Sharing at Morrison Academy's High School Art Club

Thanks to Benson Lin who invited me to go back to Morrison Academy to share at the art club that he started. When I was studying at Morrison, we didn't have an art club, so I'm really glad to see Benson and others investing their time to learn more about art together. I see potential in these students, so I hope some of them continue to pursue art, whether as a hobby or as a career. There will definitely be challenges but I believe if you are passionate about something, you will never grow tired of it and it will all be worth it in the end. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to share my passion for art with others who are also interested in art.

很開心Benson Lin邀請我回到馬禮遜藝術社分享我的藝術旅程。我就讀馬禮遜時, 並沒有藝術社, 所以看見Benson 和其他學生願意一起投資時間在認識藝術上我覺得很欣慰。我看到了這些學生的才華和潛力,我希望他們當中有些人會繼續追求藝術, 不管是當興趣或是職業。儘管藝術這條路會遇到種種困難與波折, 每個人的藝術風格和表達方式是獨一無二的,他們的藝術將有自己的仰慕者。當然, 生活中會有很多困難和挑戰, 但是我相信, 如果一個人真的喜歡自己所做的, 那麼最後一切的努力都是值得的。我真的很高興有機會與其他對藝術感興趣的人分享我對藝術的熱情。