Private Opening Studio During the Pandemic in Singapore 新加坡疫情中的藝術工作室展覽

Updated: Jun 10

photo credit to Megan Cheah

In the midst of the Pandemic, Singapore and Taiwan are some of the few countries that are fortunate enough to have re-opened some of their exhibition spaces. Yet, inevitability, many art practitioners and freelancers are still struggling to come back to their industries as many spaces faced permanent closure. As a visual arts practitioner, I also faced many trials and difficulties which induced me to convert my own working space into an open studio space.


In Singapore, it is challenging for practitioners to showcase their creations due to both the closure of many spaces and censorship. Therefore, having a private open studio space might be a possible option to showcase some of my very private creations that are not allowed to be shown in public spaces. However, to abide by Singapore's safety measures alongside the ongoing pandemic, I can only invite up to 8 guests per day. This, in return, provided me an opportunity to have more intimate conversations with my collectors, friends, and audiences who wanted to take a peek into the working space of artists.


On 14th March 2021 (Sunday), I invited the first group of 8 guests for my opening and subsequently sold all of my artworks following the next 2 days after confirmation and deposit. The result was factored partially because of the direct communication between the creator and its collectors/supporters. Social media became an important tool in publicizing the exhibition, as the exhibition was only shown to an exclusive group of people via the "close friend" function on Instagram and by encrypted email invitation.


The Private Invitation Studio Space will continue to run in Benedict Yu's Art Studio and will collaborate with other practitioners in the following months. Welcome to stay tuned!

私人邀請工作展間會持續在Benedict Yu的藝術工作室持續進行。之後也會持續的與更多不同領域的創作者合作。歡迎持續關注!

photo credited: Megan Cheah