My Interview with KNOCKOUT STUDIOS

Thank you Knockout Studios for featuring me!!

Knockout Studios is a relatively new Video Production House company. They help modern brands connect with their clients by producing high quality videos that engage audiences.

In this interview, I share about my work as a cross disciplinary artist and my views on creative collaboration. I like to do cross collaborations because I believe art is never meant to be accomplished alone. When I work in a team composed of artists from different fields, I can learn about their profession and their uniqueness. As a result, I can become more inspired and motivated to bring my talent and uniqueness to the team.

Check out my timed, impromptu painting challenge with my friend Jason to see what art we created! Watch until the very end to hear why we think art is valuable and why more creatives should be featured. I had so much fun creating art with my friend, let me know in the comments what you thought! Don't forget to follow Knockout studios on IG @knockoutstudiosofficial to see more amazing videos of talented and cool creatives👍🏻👍🏻

Click here to watch the interview:

Click here to watch the challenge:…

Knockout Studios 是一個創新的視頻製作工作訪, 他們提供高質量視頻來吸引觀眾, 幫助現代品牌與客戶建立聯繫。

感謝 Knockout Studios 專訪我, 讓我有機會分享我以一位跨學科藝術家以及創造跨領域合作者的看法!我喜歡嘗試跨領域合作,因為我相信藝術絕不是孤單的。當我在由不同的藝術家組成的團隊裡創作時,我可以了解他們的專業和獨特性。因此我可以更有啟發性和動力,將我的才華和獨特性帶給團隊。在這次專訪中, 我和我的朋友Jason進行了定時繪畫挑戰,看看我們創造出什麼藝術!請一直觀看到最後,聽聽我們分享為什麼我們認為藝術是有價值的,為什麼生活中應該展示更多的創意。不要忘了在IG上關注Knockout Studios : @knockoutstudiosofficial,觀看更多精彩絕倫, 有才華的創意視頻!

photo credits: Knockout Studios