FM Radio 106 Markating Hala Interview 哈啦久一點藝術家專訪!

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

藝術創作者游主業收到全國知名廣播電台,全國廣播 FM106 哈啦久一點主持人Mark的邀請!今晚與游主業小聊的一些好玩故事即將播出!兩位用心的主持人,Mark 與 Ating 自從2010已在哈啦久一點擔任廣播,今天他們很開心也興奮的要與全國觀眾分享游主業在藝術路途上的瘋狂經驗與點點滴滴。主持人Mark與主業一樣來自於純美術的背景,他畢業於台灣非常厲害的台藝大。今晚他們會分享到關於當代藝術對於觀眾遙不可及的迷思與另一個不同的詮釋與好玩的藝術觀點。今晚8:10pm 歡迎準時收聽FM 106 全國廣播 "哈啦久一點" !

Benedict received the invitation to be on MRadio-National Broadcast, one of the most well-known radio broadcasting program in Taiwan. His personal interview is set to go live tonight on Markating Hala on FM 106! Hosts Mark and Ating, who have both been on this radio broadcasting since 2010, are enthusiastic and excited to feature Benedict and have him share his crazy journeys in art and life with everyone living in Taiwan. Mark has a strong background in fine arts, as he himself graduated from Taiwan National University of the Arts. Together, they both brought up points about how art is unreachable by the public and the wrong perception that audiences have toward art. Through some fun and light-hearted conversations, Mark and Benedict are able to show a more positive perspective in art. Tonight at 8:10pm, the broadcast will be published and everyone is welcome to listen to the radio!

兩幅提到的作品包括, "天與地的對話" 與 "望子成龍"


The two artworks that will be discussed are:

"Conversation Between the Heavens and the Earth" and "untitled, 望子成龍"

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