Passion Art Festival 2018

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

People's Association in Singapore commissioned Benedict to work with the Kampong Glam community on a series of 2 months workshop. This is part of 2018 Passion Art Festival that happens at Bugis + on July 7th. Benedict has proposed to the director using paper cut as a traditional yet innovative medium to bring out the stories that lie in the old Bugis during 1960s. Through 2 months of intense research and communication with T-Project, we are able to create a huge light installation situates at Bugis + for Passion Art Festival 2017.

Kampong Glam Community working on paper-cutting together

After collecting everyone's contribution of paper-cutting, we piece them together for a huge light installation. The concept behind the light box is a 3D story-telling book that draws the children and the elderly for a closer look into the history of Bugis Street and the minorities that used to stay there.

On the actually day of the Passion Art Festival on July 7th 2018, some members of the Parliament came down to visit our works.

Thank you to my amazing team: Louis, Jun Wei, Aneesha, and the director from People's Association, Jeff Lim. They have been very hardworking for 3 months to complete this project together!

Thank you my most loving and energetic Kampong Glam community! I have learned so much from them more than what I have taught them.

At the end of the project and festival, we donate part of our commission to the T-Project as they are unconditionally supporting a lot of minorities who need to be loved and sheltered at their late 60s-80s. Thank you June for supporting our project and letting us to visit the elderly people.

What is my biggest take away? Art doesn't need to sit nicely in a museum or gallery. It is the heart, the dedication, the love and compassion that connect the different communities together. Honestly I have learned so much from everyone more than me teaching them how to do paper-cutting. Thank you to People's Association, T-Project, Kampong Glam Community, people's donation, and my most amazing teammates, Louis, Junwei, and Aneesha.