Benedict Yu's Virtual Museum

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

For my third proposal at Islands International Art Park, I proposed on the idea of building a virtual museum of my own. The spark of this idea came from the coronavirus where most of the museums and galleries are closed. The Art Basel has also moved online and the result wasn't as great. With this uncertainty in the art industry, I started to build my own safe space and to explore some areas that I have never explored before.

I got to know Occupy White Walls from watching a Youtube Channel, The Art Assignment. This is a game developed and pre-launched on the platform, Steam. I thought the game could be easily played on my Macbook but I realised I need a strong Windows PC in order to run all of the graphics and complex functions. I got the boss of iPaper, who stays 2 minutes away from Islands, to help me out. He sells stationary items but has a prior knowledge to cyber security. He built a second hand PC from different components and lended me. Really want to thank him for the help.

The following writings and photos will be about my progression in the building my virtual museum in the game, taken in a form of diary:


Sections Dictionary:

  1. Artist

  2. Major Artworks Reflection

  3. Construction Usage

  4. Income Total

  5. Reflection


Day 1: just started off with my construction


Gustav Klimt

Tibetan artwork, unknown artist

Torii Kiyonaga

Kamakura Period of Japan (Buddhism)

Contemporary digital artist:

Kirsten Zirngibl

Sam Kelly

Major Artworks Collection:

Gustav Klimt : 7

Tibetan artwork, unknown artist : 1

Torii Kiyonaga : 16 woodblock prints

Kamakura Period of Japan (Buddhism) : 9

Contemporary digital artist:

Kirsten Zirngibl : 5

Sam Kelly : 2

Income Total: 21960 virtual credits (vc)


-met Daisy, my artificial intelligence art advisor in buying artworks

-spent all my money and went bankrupted

-bought some artworks from the Asian cultural context and digital works as well

-gallery is only opened for 30min to earn money like what??

-how do I built a second floor?

-other people’s galleries are impressive, I wonder when can I have all the money to execute what I have in mind


Day 2: expanding to 2nd floor


Egon Schiele

Torii Kiyonaga

Katsushika Hokusai