Art Residency Interview at Islands Art 藝術家進駐群島訪談

Benedict has been taking the art residency at Islands International Art Park for three terms.

In 2019, he started off in October and had extended his other two proposals to the year 2020 in June. Here are the three projects that he has worked on and a short video of his interview with the project manager at Islands International Art Park.

The first project is to challenge the boundaries of collaboration in visual, music, and performance. "Saffron" was a successful hit with a big performance in the beginning month of 2020. Here Benedict has led a team of 30+ members and challenged himself into standing in different aspects of a production.

Check out this project's writing here:

Later on, Benedict challenged the idea of family digital archiving. How are we able to pass down our histories and ancestries to the next generation? Do we do so with oral history? Written history? From who's perspective? With what materials to document? Do these technological platforms misinterpret the reality and true stories of one's family? Benedict collaborated with a start-up company, Artogo, to do a virtual reality scanning of the place. Check out this project's writing here:

For the last project, Benedict has stepped into the research with gamification in the arts. He collaborated with another start-up company called "Occupy White Walls" to transfer his physical artworks into a digital one. He has constructed four-wing gallery halls and presented the virtual museum to the public with the online gaming platform, "Steam."

Check out this project's writing here:

In all, Benedict looks forward to collaborating with more creatives in pushing the boundaries of art from all different aspects. If you would like to collaborate, feel free to message him on Instagram at: