Alumni Sharing on "Senior Topics" - Morrison Academy Taichung

Happy to be back and to share about my art journey at the Senior Topics! I really miss Morrison Academy a lot and especially the teachers. Thanks for teaching the students to carry the Christian values. I look forward to see these seniors soar in their uni life! May God bless these wonderful students 🙏🏻

Today I shared on how Morrison has taught me a correct Christian value. I remembered especially the part where Mr. Schirmer told us, "Love the Lord with all your Art." This phrase has planted a seed in my heart since that day. There are many difficulties where you will be facing as you are moving from high school to uni, from uni to the society. Our values and our foundations get challenged every single time. And I want the students to know that, wherever you go, church for me personally is always my home and where I can go to. Even though my church friends don't understand what I am doing in the arts, but they are there to support me always. On the other hand, when I was studying and thought that my friends are from the college, some of them turned away from me when I needed help the most. Many times we faced lots of disappointment and discouragement, but at the end of the day, I realised God is always there for me.

I pray that the students graduating from Morrison, they will always remember to put God in their hearts wherever they go. God bless.