3rd Residency Presentation - "Crossroad Virtual Museum" 第三期駐村發表 - "十字虛擬美術館"

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

My last presentation at Islands International Art Park, “Crossroad Virtual Museum” Thank you Mr. Sbal for an amazing collaboration and music performance, Hong Lu for the opening and the sharing about my residency here, Shang Yang and Tina Wang for the photos, and my five helpers Rita, Siao Fong, Kai Ning, Sarah, and Roxanne, you guys did an amazing job!

This is my idea when I just started off building the museum:

At this particular time, particular breath, particular crossroad, I finally met myself again. But I passed by without saying a word of goodbye. And I never see myself again.

Lights Green, you move. Lights Red, you stop. Lights Orange, you can be yourself and accelerate or stop and make the cars at the back honk you with cuss words. I like that. At least that feels more “human.”

Society gives you that lights, and you are suppose to follow every instruction that is given to you. They build crossroads in your life so that you cannot help yourself but to move and stop and move and stop. The force, the power, the lines drawn in the space, they are all structured to control the flow of datas easily, hypernormalisation.

I built this virtual museum, having four wings that are pointing in the directions of north, south, east, west. Each wing has a very strong theme with long historical context of power, “Divinity, Humanity, Intelligence, and Consciousness.” At the center of the crossroad, this is the space where we meet each other, and the lights can be turned orange. You can freeze the linear time and remark this boundaries as your safe space. You can erase the lines draw by the four wings and to step in each other’s zones without fear. You do not have to leave if you do not want to, no cars will be at the back honking you, no noise will cause you anxiety, no words will ask you to move or to stop.