Collaboration with 5 International Young Stars

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

2019 is an entirely new year for Benedict as he is progessing into collaboration with multiple disciplinary professionals. The 5 professionals are all around the age of 20-25, range from Cinematographer, Art Photographer, to Glitch Artist, 4DCinema Artist, and Python Coder/Programmer. Let me shortly introduce them!


1. Thomas Collet on your left is from France, he is the Glitch Director of Ariana Grande's recent music video, "Imagine." He is specialised in altering the videos with python and other softwares into glitching effects.

2. Jason Kuah, the second one beside Thomas, is my army friend. Currently he is an active photographer that does shooting for several events and companies. He will be taking shoots of me in my army uniform and I will be transforming the photo into a contemporary artwork.

3. Naomi in the middle is my Singaporean friend that does coding and programming for several companies locally. She will be working with be to develop interactive artworks with artificial intelligence and related technologies.

4. Joshua Ow Yong on the fourth is my army friend who is a cinematographer. He is the production assistant of the famous movie, "Crazy Rich Asian." His years of experiences in cinematography bring insights and important execution together with Thomas Collet. The three of us are creating a glitch video work focusing on the crowds in Singapore.

5. Trudy on your right travels internationally but based mainly in Paris. She is a 4D Cinema artist who's works deal with a lot of humanity and society issues. We are creating a new virtual space of works based on some of my previous works in the past.


My own research on the topic of "Spirituality in Digital Age"

This is created by the alternation with laser lights

This is a collaboration work in progress with Trudy with 4D Cinema:

Most of the elements inside are referring to my previous works on the Tibetan Mandala, The Breath of Life painting, and the work, "Homesick".

This is a collaboration experimentation with Naomi:

The Laptop microphone and webcam are able to detect the movements of sound and sight.

Lastly, this is a collaboration reference of Thomas' previous work, Human Flux. We will be creating our Singapore version soon with the Singapore crowds :)