Homesick Artist

I miss Taiwan greatly, and I believe everyone who is working, studying, or serving the army overseas will miss your hometown too. How I wish I could just finish my army here in Singapore and teleport back to my home.

I miss the stinky tofu, the boba oolong milk tea L size 25% sugar and less less ice downstairs of my house. I miss the minced pork rice, the fried oyster, and the egg roll breakfast along the Zi Ping Road & Shui Nan Road. You can't find that true authentic taste any other place but Taiwan.

Nevertheless, two years have passed by, things will constantly change inevitably. It seems like, this home that I used to know, has changed dramatically. It became an island that I can't recognised, twisted and strained with political uncertainty and social illusion. The scary part of returning home is 'when you can't recognise your own home'. The realisation of our emotional expectation.

一別那知數年未許返我家鄉 家裏怕者不複往昔舊模樣 或者從前傲然爲理想 教我甘願飄浮流浪 今天不見理想新路向 生活壓迫苦我正堪可自養 家裏樹木 家裏河流 往日有田園 千裏稻飄香 啊…那知一別已經數年未許返我家鄉 家裏怕者不複往昔舊模樣 啊…我心思念故鄉 有時夢醒只覺憂傷 家裏母親可在這刻念兒郎


"思鄉愁" -Homesick Army Diary #2 2018, oil on canvas 71 x 53 inch. (180cm x 135cm)