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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

在目前亞洲疫情不斷的波折裡,許多藝術創作者與機構都面臨棘手的經濟危機。2020這年,許多藝術家紛紛自己自掏腰包急救彼此,協助藝術生態圈繼續的生存下去。在新加坡,我們看到了兩位由藝術家與策展人共同身份的NatureKimberly,於2019在新加坡開始發起 Our Softest Hour “我們的溫柔時光”,一個平台來重新建立藝術體驗上的情感與親密連結。

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本文章翻譯於 Our Softest Hour 的"關於"與"相遇" 頁面

平台的啟發 ABOUT


When public and private spaces everywhere were hastily redrawn due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the ways people interacted, connected and experienced each other were sharply redefined. It led the world to encounter major aspects of life through the lens of technology and the virtual. The arts industry was no exception with the decade’s gradual moves towards digitisation suddenly taking a major leap forward. With that, we immediately saw a dire need to retain and keep thriving the all too human sense of genuine connection and collective intimacy experienced through art in person.

“我們的溫柔時光”每一季會策劃一次的“Encounter 相遇”,這是一種情感上與沉浸式的藝術體驗,其特色是聯合本地和國際藝術家以及其他藝術工作者的作品。在進入每個虛擬房間時,我們希望觀眾能發現不同的藝術家並找到一個始於自己的路途,來鼓勵他們去發現自己內在的空間或與其重新連接。

Our Softest Hour hosts quarterly Encounters, an emotionally and virtually immersive art experience that features works by local and international artists and creatives alike. With every virtual room entered, artist discovered and work experienced, we hope audiences find an avenue of recluse that encourages them to discover or reconnect with spaces within themselves. 

“我們的溫柔時光” 不同空間介紹: “相遇” “參與” 和 “商店”

與”Encounters 相遇”共同進行的平台,”Participate 參與”是一個能幫助需要公共募款或捐獻的創意者的家園。“Shop 商店”則是一個能支持我們的藝術家和創意者的區域以及“檔案館”收集了藝術家們的訪談,文章和最新訊息的資料庫。

Along with Encounters, this platform is home to Participate - dedicated to creatives who require public contributions for their projects, Shop - a marketplace that supports our artists and creatives, and Archives - a library of artist interviews, articles and activations. 


“Encounter 相遇”

在“Encounter 相遇”的第一次發起中,我們邀請了9位藝術家和創作家在必需隔離的時間當中探索各種自我舒緩的方式。透過持續的建立起對外與對內的聯絡關係,他們的作品能使觀眾反思全球對於「日常」的多重意義與體驗。

In this first iteration of Encounters, we’ve invited 9 artists and creatives alike to navigate various manners of self-soothing in a time of necessary separation. By establishing and preserving a semblance of intimacy through both communal and introspective ways, their works seek to contextualise the open ended stillness we are experiencing across the globe.


As cities and nations reopen, there’s no denying how we interact, connect and experience each other has and will continue to be redefined. Especially so, as we move steadily towards technology and digitisation becoming the primary way of encountering major aspects of our lives. We hope that our founding basis of retaining and nurturing the all too human sense of genuine connection and collective intimacy found through art offers you an avenue to safely discover or reconnect with spaces within yourselves and each other.


We understand the permutations of humanness are infinite. This is simply the beginning of our foray into the many encounters to come – be they together or apart.

Benedict 的參與

這次有榮幸能參與 Our Softest Hour 的展覽,以下連結能直接帶到我的虛擬美術館展間:

Crossroad Virtual Museum

這次NatureKimberly對於Our Softest Hour的啟發是一大成功。不僅是連結了新加坡本地的藝術家與國外的創作者,同時也讓國際看到了科技當中藝術細膩的情感連結。而之後的展覽也會再次邀請到下一屆的藝術家來分享他們對於隔離過程中的創作。我們敬請期待!