• Sarah Tu

磐興建設感恩日 Thanksgiving Party Dec. 14th 2019

感謝磐興建設一路支持我,心中除了感恩還是滿滿的感恩。磐興從我讀高中就開始支持我, 我第一個校外個展「與畫布共舞」就是在磐興建設的空間展出。


I'm so grateful to Panxing Construction Company for supporting me for so many years.

They have been supporting and investing in me since I was a high school student. My first solo exhibition outside of school was held

I also had my second solo exhibition "The Hidden Code of Nature" was also held at Panxing Construction Company's Gallery. Panxing Construction Company has been supporting local Taiwanese and young emerging artists throughout their careers.