• Sarah Tu

我們與藝術的對話: 感官藝術,以心追求 A Conversation with Art @WORDS LIVE! JAN. 4th 2020

謝謝大家來參加我的演講! 再次感謝 Wordslive 的邀請!

Many thanks to everyone who came to listen to my art talk show! An incredible thank you to WORDS LIVE for inviting me!

WORDS LIVE 是台中新創的展演空間,它們以「共好」的理念為經營核心! 它們希望成為一個共享、互信&友善的平台,同時為台中音樂藝文活動推廣努力!「音樂沒有距離」的Words Live 能帶給演出者&觀眾另一種不同的感動, 它們也致力於不定期合作&籌辦音樂藝文活動。

感謝WORDS LIVE邀請我去分享我藝術學習的過程,我深深的覺得我是因為一直受到家人的支持和鼓勵,才能以心去追求藝術. 現在的我不被設立任何框架的與藝術的對話,能夠勇敢的使身體每一吋感官去感受藝術。WORDS LIVE 開始了藝術美學講堂, 希望能和更多藝術家合作並發掘藝術表演的各種可能性。

WORDS LIVE is a newly created exhibition space located in Taichung. The core vision and value for which their management is based on is the concept of "common good". They hope to become a platform for sharing, mutual trust & friendliness, and at the same time work hard to promote Taichung's music and art activities as well as foster art appreciation in Taiwan! WORDS LIVE, which stands by the motto "music has no distance," can bring a different touch to performers & audiences alike. They are committed to organising and cooperating with music and art events regularly.

Thank you again to WORDS LIVE for inviting me to share my art learning process. I deeply feel that I have been able to pursue art with my heart because I have been supported and encouraged by my family. Nowadays, I don't set up a framework for my dialogue with art. Instead, I'm able to sense art with my whole heart and every inch of my body. WORDS LIVE started an art talk workshop, hoping to cooperate with more artists and explore the possibilities of art performance.


1. 只愛畫畫,不愛讀書怎麼辦?(給煩惱的父母們) Love to draw, but hate to study (for troubled parents) 2. 三代同堂,重新與家人連結 Three generations, reconnecting with family 3. 藝術治療,走出悲傷 Art therapy, walking out of sorrow 4. 大家都是藝術家! Everyone can be artists!